Automatic Tank Monitoring

Never Run Out Again!

Why HeatSync?

Enjoy a discount of 5 cents off per gallon on every fill up and have your fuel supply monitored automatically for timely deliveries, continuous warmth, and no run-outs.

Simply put our HeatSync tank monitoring program does all the work for you.  You’ll never have to go outside in the freezing cold again to check to see how much fuel you have in your tank again.  With the HeatSync system, you have 24/7 access to your tank’s fuel level, plus it can send you alerts when your fuel level is getting low.  No more calling to schedule a delivery, manually checking your tank levels, or worrying about running out of fuel ever again.

5 Cents Off Per Gallon

Automatic Alerts & Deliveries

24/7 Access to Tank Levels

No-Run-Out Guarantee

  • No upfront equipment costs and free installation on most tanks*
  • You get a discount on every gallon you purchase
  • Proactive deliveries – so if snow or bad weather causes you to use more propane or fuel oil than usual, we automatically know and will deliver fuel before you run out.
  • Easy-to-Use Phone App and website to monitor your tanks
  • Customizable automatic tank alerts and notifications
  • Save money by accurately tracking your fuel usage and adjust your energy consumption. Spend less time and energy monitoring tank levels.
  • Takes the guesswork out of seasonal accessory usage (pools, gas logs, generators, etc.)
  • Increased reliability, efficiency, and safety all year long
  • It’s a great value. You’ll get peace of mind and avoid the costly problems associated with running out of fuel for a nominal monthly fee.


What is the HeatSync Tank Monitoring Program?

The HeatSync tank monitoring program is a fuel management solution that allows us to remotely monitor your fuel tank(s) and proactively deliver fuel at exactly the right time so you never have to worry if or when you will run out of fuel.  With your HeatSync tank monitoring program you can view in-depth data of your fuel tanks anywhere, at any time.

How Does the HeatSync Tank Monitoring System Work?

Your tank is/will be fitted with a float gauge that can tell how much liquid is inside. Our HeatSync sensor connects to a dial/float to read the position of the gauge. The HeatSync sensor converts that position to a value which is then sent to our servers and is shown in your easy-to-read Phone App.  Because we have the readings we automatically know when you need a delivery and will deliver fuel before you run out.


How Can I Access my HeatSync Tank Readings?

Your tank’s data is stored, processed, and sent straight to any web-enabled device via our secure database, giving you full visibility so that you can see your tank level anywhere that you can access the internet.  Either via the web or phone app.  When you open the app, you will see the most recent tank levels. You will also have access to past readings so that you can understand patterns and trends in your fuel usage.


Can you monitor Fuel Oil or Propane?

Yes!  With our HeatSync tank monitoring program, we can monitor both Fuel Oil and Propane tanks.  If you have a Fuel Oil tank, we will need to install a float gauge in your tank.  In most cases, there isn’t any additional cost to install a float gauge.  If you have an underground or basement tank, we will need to come out and evaluate your unique situation before installing a HeatSync tank monitor as there may be an additional cost.


How much does the HeatSync Tank Monitoring System Cost?

Quality Oil’s HeatSync Tank Monitoring Program requires no upfront equipment costs and installation is free on most tanks *Underground and Basement tanks may incur additional installation costs)*.  Then for a small monthly fee you can gain 24/7 visibility of your tanks fuel quantity giving you complete peace of mind knowing you will never run out of fuel.


How to Read the Data?

Once your HeatSync tank monitor is installed, it will begin transmitting data back to our servers. You should be able to access that data yourself either by logging into your account online or using our mobile app on your phone or tablet.


Will I be able to Setup Alerts or Notifications?

Within the HeatSync app or your online account, you can set up to receive customizable alerts when your fuel levels drop to a certain percentage.  But you never have to worry because we have access to the same data and will be automatically scheduling you for a delivery before you run out of fuel.

Since you can track and see your fuel levels, you will also be able to confirm when a delivery has been made and how much fuel has been added to the tank. These alerts are especially helpful if you own rental or vacation properties as they allow you to check your propane levels without being physically present in your property.


Who Benefits Most?

Any homeowner using fuel oil or propane for heating can benefit from having a HeatSync tank monitor installed. Being able to track fuel usage and tank levels and knowing a delivery is on its way removes one more stressor from your to-do list since your tank should always have plenty of fuel.

There are several situations where tank monitors really become critical pieces of equipment. This is especially true when your fuel tank isn’t your primary source of heat or you have a backup generator or pool heater, a HeatSync monitor can ensure those are always ready to go when you need it the most.


How can I get started?

Call us at 336-722-3441, and you will be able to speak with one of our expert consultants and we will be happy to explain the Quality Oil HeatSync Automatic Tank Monitoring program in detail and answer all your questions.