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Quality Oil Propane is a division of Quality Oil Company, a local, family-owned company that has a long-standing heritage of dedicated service to its residential and commercial customers.  We pride ourselves on fast and reliable propane deliveries, as well as knowledgeable technicians specializing in propane tank installations, leak checks, and all gas appliances.  Whether you’re interested in scheduling a propane delivery, installing a set of gas logs, or learning more about Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, contact us today! Since 1929, we have been supplying customers with high-quality products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Click here for propane safety tips or FAQ.


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Residential Services

Residential Propane is a smart choice for reducing energy costs and increasing your family’s comfort.  Whether is heating your home or your hot water, to cooking inside or grilling outside, Quality Oil Propane is ready to help you get the most for your propane needs.  With Quality’s Advantage Plan, we can keep your tank full all winter long providing you with security and peace of mind. Schedule a residential propane delivery or learn how propane optimizes energy efficiency and home performance.

Quality Oil Propane can also provide Commercial Services such as Portable Heating, On-Site Delivery, and Builder & Home Buyer Consultations.  Click here to learn more about our commercial services.


Advantage Plan – “Keep Oil in Your Tank and Money in the Bank” With the aid of our computers and weather monitoring system, we can predict your fuel consumption day by day. This system tells us when you are ready for a delivery.  You never have to check your supply, and you don’t have to be home for deliveries.  Metered delivery slips give you proof of the amount delivered.  There is no interest charge for this service.   Sign up today for our Keep Fill Advantage Plan Special and receive:

  • 5 cents off per gallon of fuel oil delivered
  • Easy Pay Plan – Did you know you purchase an average of 80% of your fuel oil during 25% of the year?  This means that you must pay for most of your heating needs in a short period of time.  To eliminate this burden, our 10 month Easy Pay Plan spreads your estimated heating bill over 10 months.  There is no interest charge for this service.  Customers also have the option to enroll in monthly payments by Automatic Bank Draft.  Sign up today for our Easy Pay Plan Special**Customers must be credit approved and enrolled in the Keep Fill Advantage Plan to be eligible for Easy Pay. 
Commercial Services

Commercial Heating and Cooling

Our propane department offers quality portable heating. Because of their low operating pressures, our portable heaters offer the most flexible, low-cost installation. Our heaters require no ductwork and can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet. In addition, the one-man portability of these units keeps labor costs low.

  • Portable Heaters
    • Keep sheet rock from freezing:
    • 500K BTU
    • Can be put on multiple floors
    • Tanks and hoses provided
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Tank monitors to gauge usage – insuring no run-outs, etc

Agriculture & Commercial

  • Crop dryers for tobacco barns
  • Brooders & chicken houses
  • Generators
  • Fork Lift Tanks
  • Greenhouses & Warehouses
  • Restaurants & Filling Stations

Request Commercial Fueling

Digital Showroom – Gas Logs, Inserts, and Rinnai & Navien Water Heaters

Below you will find a list of vendors that Quality Oil Propane partners with to provide you quality-crafted & high-efficient heating and comfort products. All products listed are available upon request and ready to order. For more information about gas logs and gas heaters, please email Propane Sales or call 336-722-3441.


Empire Comfort Systems, a family owned company since 1932, offers a full line of gas-fired products.

Furnaces & Heaters / Vent-free Fireplaces


Monessen Gas Logs

For over 50 years, Monessen has stood for outstanding durability, stunning looks and long lasting performance in wood and gas fireplaces. And with a wide range of beautiful styles, sizes, and trims, Monessen products are made to blend seamlessly with your décor while still making a statement of impeccable taste. Being our most popular item, you are sure to find a product to complement your home.

Fireplaces / Stoves / Gas Log Sets / Outdoor Fireplaces



For over 50 years, RH Peterson sets the standard in quality for gas logs.

Fire magic Grills & BBQ / Real-Fyre Gas Logs / G10 Logs / Vent Free Series

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai has been efficiently heating water since 1964 and selling their heating appliances in the United States since 1974. Rinnai is the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturer and is the 2010 Builders’ Brand Leader as chosen by home builders in Builder Magazine.

Tankless Water Heaters – Learn How They Work


Navien Water Heaters

Navien has become one of the fastest growing companies in the home comfort sector in North America and is now the leader in providing condensing tankless water heaters. Navien’s products possess state-of-the-art technology, high efficiency, and reliable quality.

NPE-A Series / NPE-S Series

Service Area (Residential)

We are proud to provide the following areas in North Carolina with residential propane delivery services.  Refer to the map below to see whether you live in our service area.  If you aren’t sure, simply contact us and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

Residential Fuel Oil - Service Area

Forsyth County, Stokes County, Davie County, Davidson County, Yadkin County, Rowan County, and Iredell County.

Advance, Belews Creek, Clemmons, Colfax, Cooleemee, Danbury, East Bend, Farmington, Franklin, Hamptonville, Harmony, High Point, Houstonville, Jamestown, Kernersville, King, Lewisville, Lexington, Mocksville, Mt. Airy, Oak Ridge, Pfafftown, Pilot Mountain, Pinnacle, Quaker Gap, Rural Hall, Shacktown, Siloam, Silver Valley, Statesville, Stokesdale, Thomasville, Tobaccoville, Trinity, Turnersburg, Union Cross, Wallburg, Walnut Cove, Welcome, Winston-Salem, Woodleaf, Yadkinville, and more…   

Propane FAQ

Q : What is propane?

Propane is a hydrocarbon (C3H8) and is sometimes referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP-gas, or LPG. Propane is produced from both natural gas processing and crude-oil refining. Nearly 97 percent of the propane used in the United States is produced in North America. It is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless. As with natural gas, an identifying odor is added so the gas can be readily detected.

Q : Is propane safe for me and my family?

Yes. Propane is a very safe fuel. But as with any energy source, there are steps you should take to further ensure your safety:

  • If you detect a gas leak, immediately evacuate everyone from the house and call your local propane provider or the fire department from a neighbor’s telephone.
  • Learn what propane smells like. Propane retailers print scratch-and-sniff pamphlets to help your family recognize its distinctive odor.
  • Know where gas lines are located, so you won’t damage them when digging or working in the yard.
  • Change or clean furnace filters regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t store cleaning fluids, oil-soaked rags, gasoline, or other flammable liquids near a gas-burning appliance, where vapors could be ignited by the pilot light.

Q : How can I recognize a propane leak in my home?

Propane has a strong, unpleasant smell, like rotten eggs, a skunk’s spray, or a dead animal. Propane manufacturers add the smell deliberately to help alert customers to propane leaks, which can create a safety hazard. You can ask your propane retailer for a demonstration to help everyone in your home or building identify leaks.

Q : How are you involved with Crisis Control?

We provide delivery & service for those who can not afford it.
Delivery and Service: Customers can call Crisis Control directly and then Crisis Control will call us to put in 100-150 gallons of Fuel Oil/K-1/Propane. If a customer calls us and owes a balance/can’t afford a delivery, we may sometimes direct them to Crisis Control.

Q : What is the minimum delivery?

  • 100 gallons for next day delivery.
  • 150 gallons for same day delivery and a service charge
  • Again our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm. If ordered after hours or after 4:00pm, the minimum is 200 gallons and a service charge

Q : What are my payment options for a C.O.D. account?

You can pre-pay for a certain gallon amount over the phone with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). You may also leave a credit card on file with customer service to use for your deliveries or you may you’re your payment directly to the driver.

Q : How does delivery work for propane?

Propane has been specifically designed and manufactured to be transported in approved vessels commonly referred to as “transport tanks”. Transport tanks are seen on our highways being pulled by large trucks and on railroad cars. This enables consumers to enjoy gas burning furnaces and other products where natural gas is not available. All propane tanks are filled to 80% capacity at locations throughout the United States that are located along miles and miles of pipelines. The reason tanks are only filled to 80% capacity is because there has to be at least 20% of the tanks capacity reserved for vapor expansion. This allows sufficient space inside the tank for the vaporization and expansion of propane during the rise and fall of outdoor temperatures.
During the loading and unloading processes pumps on the delivery vehicles are utilized to speed up the transfer from one tank to the other. Each propane delivery truck has a meter that indicates the total amount of liquid propane in gallons that was pumped into your tank. This meter is annually tested and certified by “North Carolina Department of Agriculture” to insure accurate readings.

Propane Filling Stations

Exchange services underfill your propane tank to only 15 lbs, and they don’t give you credit for anything left inside. Get your tank refilled to full capacity and pay for only what you need.

Find a location near you using the map link here:; or browse our list of locations below.


Roy’s Country Store
1027 NC Hwy 801 North
Advance, NC
(336) 998-4250
View Map
The Tire Shop
5420 US Hwy 158
Advance, NC
(336) 998-8139
View Map
Camden Shell
191 W. Hwy 158
Camden, NC
(252) 338-1636
View Map
Interstate Shell
2397 Lewisville Clemmons Rd
Clemmons, NC
(336) 766-1593
View Map
Cooleemee Hardware
7814 NC Hwy 801 S.
Cooleemee, NC
(336) 284-2234
View Map
Edenton Shell
801 N. Broad St.
Edenton, NC
(252) 482-4770
View Map 
Farmington Shell
305 Farmington Rd.
Mocksville, NC
(336) 940-5304
View Map
Trailers of the East Coast
418 Interstate Dr.
Mocksville, NC
(336) 751-2377
View Map
Quality Mart #49
1690 Hwy 68
Oak Ridge, NC
(336) 664-1981
View Map 
Quality Mart #50
907 Old Mountain Rd.
Statesville, NC
(704) 528-4759
View Map
Webster Bro Hardware
2700 Old Hollow Rd.
Walkertown, NC
(336) 595-2241
View Map
Craven Plumbing & Gas
Wallburg, NC
(336) 725-6003
109 Shell
4396 Thomasville Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 650-0888
View Map
52&8 Shell
4196 Patterson Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 744-5241
View Map
Konnoak Shell
3516 S. Main St.
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 784-6241
View Map
Parkway Shell
1530 Silas Creek Pkwy.
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 722-3388
View Map
Sunbelt Rentals
3620 Patterson Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 773-1717
View Map
Yadkinville Shell
700 S. State St.
Yadkinville, NC
(336) 679-8622
View Map







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